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DISC Trainer Certification

DISC is a powerful and highly effective model which, when used correctly, can produce spectacular results.

As more and more organisations experience the benefits of bringing the DISC model to their employees, they are also recognising the importance of having trained professionals who can keep the language alive within the company.
Completing a DISC Group designed certification course signals a proven level of capability and knowledge - giving your clients or organisation the ability to tie behavioural & communication based solutions directly to individual, team, and company goals.

Public and In-House courses available


Everything DiSC® Profiles

Every year, more than a million people worldwide learn how to work more effectively with others using DiSC®

DiSC® is a model of human behaviour that helps people understand "why they do what they do"!
Everything DiSC® Profiles are used globally by millions of business professionals, at all levels across an organisation, every year to improve communication and teamwork, build stronger relationships and create more productive workplaces.

We have a range of profiles for you to choose from.


Training & Consulting Services

We can help you decide which DiSC® products to use and how best to integrate them across an organisation.

To ensure your organisation receives training that meets your objectives, we always start with a free consultation to determine which DiSC based solution will have the most impact for your group.
We also provide support to companies who wish to create their own, in-house, DiSC based training courses or those looking to integrate the DiSC model into one of their existing programmes.

Whatever the approach, we can help you meet your training objectives and work within your budget.


Regular user of DiSC® Profiles?

For any organisation or L&D professional that needs more than a handful of Everything DiSC® Profiles, an EPIC account is the way to go.

EPIC is an online profiling system that is the perfect solution for any organisation that has an on-going need for profiles within their workplace or for independent Coaches, Consultants & Trainers to use with their clients. An EPIC Account gives you complete control over your DiSC use from any mobile, tablet or computer.
EPIC works on a credit system and these credits are used to generate your profiles... and credits never expire so your investment is safe!

You can even lower your profile costs by purchasing credits in volume and “bank” them for use at a later date.


Looking to use DiSC® Profiles across your organisation or with clients – then you need an EPIC account.


Hugo Jackson 
Founder / Templar Advisors

Co-Founder Templar Advisors

The DISC Group have provided our company with tailored and relevant DiSC training.  We felt the session itself was expertly and engagingly delivered and subsequent follow-up and client care have equally exceeded expectations.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The DISC Group for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of the assessment tool, or for people looking for certification.

Lisa Roche
Program Director / The Invisible Orthodontis

Program Director – The Invisible Orthodontist 

If you need a universal language for your company, then DiSC is it. DiSC is empowering, simple, easy to use and understand and more importantly fun to implement. We utilise it for training, coaching, mentoring and understanding both our external and internal clients, and have made it an integral part of both ours and our clients recruitment process. A must do for any employer or consultancy service, wanting to implement an effective tool to encourage your team to identify personality traits and interact accordingly, enhancing communication, improving productivity, customer service and ultimately increase well-being. I couldn’t recommend DiSC as a tool nor the team at The DISC Group highly enough.  

Senior L&D and Engagement Manager at Age UK

Really enjoyed our DISC training, the guys made it very easy to understand and to apply within our organisation, we are using it now with great success!

Director at Acanthus Associates Ltd

Our trainer created a really good atmosphere in the training room; he was flexible, patient and adapted his style to the needs of participants. He was absolutely professional; his knowledge of DISC extensive and his enthusiasm infectious! I thoroughly enjoyed the training day and I left feeling confident and well prepared for delivering DISC in the future.

Learning and Development Manager

Our trainer was very patient with the group and explained things in detail, using various analogies to make the work understood. He positively encouraged participation and debate and made for a thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and informative certification event.

HR Director

We had an excellent facilitator and trainer of DISC. The approach was extremely effective and quickly tuned into others within the group to maximise their learning potential. All of the DISC Group team have a fantastic knowledge of Everything DiSC and combine this with a pragmatic approach to make the subject area come alive. I would recommend them to deliver a value-added training for any organisation.

Vice President, Head of Learning & Development for IM EMEA

Our excellent trainer provided deep knowledge and insight into the DiSC model and how to effectively use this as a development tool in any organisation.

GCOO Operational Risk Management Analyst

We had a fantastic trainer who was able to provide me with great insight into the DiSC model and how it can be applied practically in any given context with regards to understanding your own behavioural style and that of others. He was friendly, energetic, and very easy to work with, and always willing to do whatever he can to help no matter how many questions...

Learning & Development Manager at Warner Bros

I found the DISC UK guys to be extremely helpful and practical while obtaining my DiSC certification. The session exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them to other organisations.

HR Manager

I attended the DiSC training session and found it extremely useful. Not only was the presenter an excellent, very knowledgeable and personable trainer, but I received great support both before and after the course with the interpretation of DiSC assessments and general company mediation issues.

Executive Development Director at Cranfield School of Management

Very enthusiastic and helpful trainer. Patient, knowledgable, and helped ensure the DiSC model and material was understood in a very productive adult learning environment.

Training Manager - Nordic Region, EMEA & Latin America

I recently attended a DiSC Certification course and enjoyed an excellent day. Our trainer had an easy manner that got across the concepts in an easy to digest way, and I left the course confident in how I could apply what I had learned back in the business.

DiSC Assessment Associates