Often within corporate teams, there are a host of different characters and personalities that can often clash, rearing a lack of communication between members such as misunderstanding, frustration and unhappiness. Usually, change begins with awareness and in context; awareness in recognising and knowing what personal and external characteristics need to be improved in order to communicate more effectively. DiSC® is a personality assessing software that enables people to understand their own and other’s behaviour, clearing confusion and making room for clarity and insight – perfect for unifying your team and its effectiveness.

However, individuals each have their own different set of goals and ways of doing things so how do you get everyone to conform? You don’t have to. Being a unified team means having group spirit, something which is hard to achieve with a high amount of conflict. Disc Assessment gives you the tools to understand and analyse qualities within yourself and within others, enabling you to interpret the intentions of others and bridge any gaps of indifference, enhancing the positives and lessening the negatives. No one needs to necessarily change their character or personality, simply a change in outlook and people skills which will in turn conduct and harmonise a successful and unified team who understand each other and accept each other’s differences.

Within the software there are four main fields which each have their own set of unique qualities and in which you will be assessed on. These personality types are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious. Giving detailed feedback, the software will inform you of which qualities in others are most compatible and which characteristics will most benefit your working needs.